Susie Zhao Biography, Age, Education, Cause of Death

Susie Zhao Biography, Age, Education, Cause of Death, Friends & Family Tributes

Susie Zhao Biography-Wiki

Susie Zhao was a professional poker player who, according to the poker player profile World Series, earned 15 152,852 over 11 years. Rogowski grew up with her. After living in Las Vegas and California for a decade, she recently returned to her parents’ home in Michigan. A poker player, a passenger. Someone described Bobby, playful, harsh. Looks like she never shows her hand – even outside of the gambling world.


Susie Zhao was 33 years old.


They were friends in the sixth grade. When they got on the same bus to school, they walked home from the bus stop. After graduation, Susie Zhao went to Northwestern University on a scholarship to study mathematics, but turned to psychology. Rogowski said, but her real love was poker. While her high school friends were working for minimum wage jobs, Rogowski she took the money from her high school graduation and doubled it at a Michigan casino.

“Throughout college, she played poker online. … She would sit at the computer for eight hours & play poker online, “Rogowski said.” She would play more than one game at a time. It was not unexpected that she (chose this career). We were happy for that.

Cause of Death

She, a 33-year-old woman, was found dead on the morning of July 13 in the Pontia Lake Lake Recreation area in White Lake Township, Michigan. Authorities believe she was killed in a recreation area and her body was set on fire, although the cause of death has not yet been determined. This case has shocked friends and colleagues. “He didn’t allow any trouble in her life,” said Meredith Rogowski, a 32-year-old longtime friend. She was very good at hiding anything – hiding her hand as you say. ”

The recreation area where Zhao’s body was found was last inspected by a Natural Resources Officer at 11:45 p.m. Huld said July 12. At the time, Xiao was nowhere to be seen, leading police to believe she was killed between 8 a.m. and 8 a.m. the next day when his body was found. Huld said Zhao was wearing jogging pants, tennis shoes, and a jogging top when his body was found. Hild said preliminary findings on the cause of death of the medical examiner are coming to light but he is awaiting release of the report pending further reports of poisoning.

The White Lake Township Police Department is investigating with the help of the FBI. “We are just heartbroken. Heartbroken for her mother. “We’re trying to do something to help his friends and family,” Rogowski said. “In my opinion, it is useless to find the cause of what happened because obviously anyone who would do such a thing is not in their mind.”

Friends & Family Tributes

Bryce Yockey, 32, of Los Angeles met Zhao around 2012 through their circle of poker friends. Throughout the next few years, he said he formed a tight-knit friendship with Zhao and traveled with her.

“She was fun, silly and quirky,” he said. “Very intelligent, kind, and good-hearted, she liked to play games. She was creative and always had a side project that she was working on. She was kind of like one of the boys.”

Yockey said that when he heard of his friend’s death he was in disbelief.

“(Her death) feels so random and senseless in a way,” Yockey said. “This is so out of the left field. … What happened?”

Reports have speculated that Zhao’s death could be related to her involvement in the poker world. Yockey said she wasn’t the type of person who didn’t pay her debts, or who would leave somewhere to avoid it.

White Lake Township Police Detective Lt. Christopher Hild said police have not been able to connect anything that ties her career to her death.

“We’re looking at every avenue — whether it was part of her hitchhiking — she used to hitchhike quite a bit. She got rides with people she didn’t know frequently,” Hild said. “So did she run into the wrong person or does this have something to do with her history that nobody is aware of? That’s what we’re digging into right now.”

Rogowski said her friend didn’t let on about her reasons for moving back to the area. All Zhao would say is that she was pursuing new opportunities in poker, such as coaching and commentating.

“She was really vague,” she said. “Hearing that she may have had personal problems going on was a surprise to me because she always presented her situation as if nothing was going on. I had no reason to think otherwise.”

But Zhao’s new journey in Michigan wouldn’t last long, with her mother seeing her for the last time at about 5:30 p.m. Sunday, July 12, Hild said. Zhao had returned from a trip to see friends earlier in the day.

When her parents returned that evening at about 10:30 p.m., Zhao was nowhere to be found.

Hild said Zhao’s vehicle recently was impounded by the police department prior to her death for traffic-related offenses. Police are looking into whether Zhao was picked up that evening and talking to neighbors about what they saw.

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