Robin Ann Green Biography, Identification and Investigation

Robin Ann Green Biography, Identification and Investigation, Murder is in Under Investigation

Robin Ann Green Biography-Wiki

Saline county Sheriff office said the body of an unidentified lady known as Miss Molly was thirty four years and was identified as twenty eight years old. Robin Ann Green from Los Angeles.

Identification and Investigation

Sheriff Roger Soldan & Robin Ann Green identity was confirmed by DNA and dental records. Last July, Miss Molly’s body was exhumed for DNA testing. He said that Robin Ann Green was married to Michael Lewis Green in 1985. The couple traveled to Minnesota in December 1985 to visit Rubin’s four children, who lived with her ex-husband.

Minnesota relatives last saw Robin on December 28, 1985.

He was found dead on 25 January 1986, at Mulberry Creek on 70th Intrastate Road in Celine County. Authorities investigated his death as a homicide. No arrests have been made in the case. Minnesota encouraged people with missing relatives to submit DNA to the database in 2017. One of Robin’s now-growing daughters presented DNA. Eventually, Miss Molly’s DNA was matched to identify her.

Murder is in Under Investigation

The DNA profile obtained was entered into the FBI Unified DNA Index System (CODs), the she office was notified in late February that a possible family match had taken place. After further investigation, the sheriff’s office said the match provided positive identification through dental records. The sheriff says he is still trying to solve Ruben’s murder. Her husband, Michael, died in 2007. The sheriff said the husband was not ignored.

The sheriff says they want old records about Robin and Michael and are trying to find everyone who knew the couple.

For Salina native Ricky Tebrugge, he said he started a Facebook page about him eight years ago to help raise awareness.

“It’s been a long time and I’m really glad you came,” Ricky Tebrugge said. “It just stays in the back of your mind, will they ever find out who he is, will they ever find out who the perpetrator is?”

He’s been following the case since hearing about this in 1986, saying it was time for them to know his name.

“It was literally buried in the street of my apartment where I live now, so I took trips there and dusted the little jane doe pen,” he said. “The next piece will be to take this information and they can relate it to the person who did it to them.”

A press conference will be held on Tuesday at 16:00. On the case at the Saline County Sheriff’s Office.

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