Mani Hart-Deville Biography, Age, Died by Shark Attack, Police Report |

Mani Hart-Deville Biography, Age, Died by Shark Attack, Police Report

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Mani Hart-Deville was surfing on Wally Beach near Grafton on the North Beach of NSW when her legs were amputated just before 14:30 on Saturday. While surfing, a young boy was found dead after being attacked by a shark. People traveling with friends and family were anxious to save him before the first attempt at help.


Mani Hart-Deville was 15 years old.

Died by Shark Attack

Helen Dobra, a local woman, said another surfer was trying to fight the shark before it was pulled out of the water. “I spoke to a user and it was basically in the water and a really great white shark came and bit it and [the boy] was screaming,” Dobra Nine told the News. The shark later returned for another attack, Surfer said. He said another surfer bravely went and tried to remove the shark and then pulled the boy out of the water.

Dobra said she was rushing to find medical professionals around her family and around her body. “It was a really painful scene, my heart is still pumping, it will be a real shock to our community,” Dobra told the Daily Telegraph. The family was upset when police officers took the child’s surfboard and some bags from the beach.

Large cut marks were seen along the base of the sheet, some fiberglass was removed. Lifeguard Peter Sweetman said he thought the size was two and a half meters but would determine the wooden shark. White sharks are common in the region, said Stan, a local fisherman. “I’ve done a lot of fishing and there are a lot of sharks, a lot of big whites are coming,” he said. Growing up in the area, Mani was remembered as a smart, artistic boy who built his own surfboard.

Trevillian who is friends with his daughter Mani, said the teen has a lot of potential. “The world was its shell,” he told the post. “He was an individual and did not follow in everyone’s footsteps, and one of them could say that he would do something good with his life.” Surrounding himself, Trefelin said it was his first attack on nearby beaches. “Over the years, clashes, close conversations, and people have turned the board, but there’s really no need to cut.” The Wally Beach community was shaken to death. Cara Jareen gave heartfelt compliments on social media. “Hopefully, heaven will be with you,” Cara wrote. “We will miss you more than you know. I love you.

Police Report

District of Coffs / Clarence Police officers will contact the Primary Department to investigate the circumstances surrounding the death. Wally Beach is not currently patrolling Surf Life Saving NSW, but will return to the coast in late September. Beaches have been closed in areas such as Wally, Daggers Camp and Moneywater. “The Beach Boggers are urged to adhere to the safety recommendations of Surf Life Saving NSW,” police said in a statement. A report on the death of the youth will be prepared for the forensic warehouse.

The latest attack came on June 7 after a 60-year-old surfer’s leg was bitten by a three-meter shark in Salt Beach near Kings Cliff. A couple on board, including a victim friend and an unidentified surfer, risked their lives to save the 60-year-old boy. The couple fought in a desperate attempt to save the man’s life before dragging the shark ashore. Paramedics were waiting for Sand to treat severe leg injuries, but unfortunately he died on the spot.

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