Lorena Quaranta Biography, Nurse Boyfriend, Suspect Killer, Death

Lorena Quaranta Biography, Nurse Boyfriend, Suspect Killer, Death Reports

Lorena Quaranta Biography-Wiki

Lorena Quaranta born 1993 has been identified as an Italian doctor who was told by police officers that her nurse boyfriend had strangled and strangled by her boyfriend. She was given a novel corona virus, according to the prosecution.


Lorena Quaranta was Twenty Seven years old.

Nurse Boyfriend

Her boyfriend was identified as Twenty Eight-year-old Antonio De Pace , who was also his nurse at the hospital.

They were designed to help spread the Corona virus.

Death After Being Accused Of Giving Coronavirus

She and her nurse boyfriend, Antonio De Pace, were working in Messina, Sicily. They moved to help with the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to reports received in Italy, she was found dead after her boyfriend allegedly called police officers to say he had killed her.

Officers revealed that the police then told Paramedics because they found that Dpass had cut off his wrist and discovered him on the floor of the apartment.

When asked why his girlfriend’s doctor had strangled her, she said he had killed her because he had given her the Corona virus.

Suspect Killer

She was later suspected of killing his girlfriend, Doctor Quaranta, after which he phoned the officers and told them that he had killed his partner.

Police say she was taken to a nearby hospital where he was Lorena’s partner and stunned police, saying: “I killed him because he gave me CoVID-19”.

Death Reports

Preliminary indications from last night’s test suggest that neither he nor his girlfriend had the virus. She posted a few days before her tragic death that killed Forty One Italian doctors who died during the outbreak.

She described the situation as ‘unacceptable’, referring to a news report on the deaths in Italy due to a lack of personal protective equipment.

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