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Lara van Ruijven Biography, Age, Career, Death & Cause

Lara van Ruijven Biography-Wiki

According to the Dutch Olympic Committee and a branch of the Dutch Ice Skating Federation, world champion short-track skater Lara van Ruijven of the Netherlands died on Friday after complications from her own illness.


Lara van Ruijven was 27 years old.


She is the world champion in the 500 meters. He won a bronze medal at the Pyongyang Olympics as part of the 3,000m relay. In the world of 2019, Van Roysen ruled 500 meters from start to finish. She was caught by Italian Martina Valcepina and contacted she while crossing the fan line. This caused Van Roisen to fall as Valcepina came out with her half skate blade. After reviewing the video, Valsipina was disqualified for the arm block two minutes later. She was the first Dutch woman to win the World Short Track Championship (3000m does not count the Super Final).

“My dream has come true and I can’t believe it, I have to cry,” Van Roisen was quoted as saying by the International Skating Association. In 2018, Van Roysen was part of a circle that won the B-final in a world record-breaking time flying the Olympic flag. In the A final, two of the four teams were disqualified and the Dutch were allowed to take the podium.

Death & Cause

Ruijven was hospitalized on June 25 after falling ill at a training camp in the French Pyrenees. Since June 29, she has been in an intensive care unit where she is in a coma. According to a Dutch press release, she suffered internal bleeding, including his brain, and underwent several surgeries. “It’s incomprehensible that he was taken from us at the beginning of his life,” said Herman de Haan, director of Dutch ice skating, according to the Associated Press.

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