Ken Shimura Biography, Age, Wife, Career, and Death | Bio and Wiki

Ken Shimura Biography, Age, Wife, Career, and Death

Ken Shimura Biography-Wiki

Ken Shimura (born Yasunori Shimura 20 February 1950 – 29 March 2020 was a Japanese comedian. He also co-starred with Mashi Tashiro, Nobuyoshi Kwano, in the Japanese variety show Shimura Ken na Bakatsun Sama.

He was known as Robin Williams of Japan. The principal of a school, the head of a Japanese Yakuza gang is surrounded by a stupid king who lived in the country a long time ago.

Another famous samurai hit in the show was Hachiji Oji San Verdu, who entertained himself with the company of Noble girls. After being caught up for his joke, the character routinely eliminates this shit through a song, ‘hundred deso. Watashi Wah Hina Oji San Deso.

Shimura Hachji was most famous for acting in Dao! Zen Shogo! Kato-chan with Comedy Group The Drafters and Art Television ,Cha Kato with Ken Chen, another former member of the Drafters.


Ken Shimura was Seventy years old.


We will update soon his wife.


He became popular in 1974, replacing Cho Aray in the famous comedy group The Drafters. With the help of other members of the group, he learned to act and make the audience laugh. Over time, he showed a knack for humor. Some of the most memorable images of the time are the Mustache Dance, in which he performed the chai kata and the Hagishimurama song, referring to his homeland.

Along with this group, they participated in the weekly program Huggy Dave! Zen’inshugo! From 1974 to 1985, 40% to 50% reached their best. From 1977, he also participated in the television program Dorifo Dybaku Dorifo, a great burst of laughter, which was a special sketch, a total of one and a half hours. Currently it is only possible to watch members together on a television special.

Net Worth

His net worth is Eight Million Dollars.

Cause of Death

He was admitted to the hospital in 20 March 2020, with severe pneumonia, and on 23 March, it was confirmed that he had COVID 19. He was the first Japanese tarantula to be commonly diagnosed with COVID-19 during the 2020 coronavirus epidemic in Japan.

On March 24, Shamora was taken to a hospital where an ECMO was available. He had planned to work in the movie without going kamasama, but his participation was canceled 26 March Before the Tokyo Games in 2020, the Olympic torch was also to be transported to some parts of the city. Shimura passed away 29 March 2020, at the National Center for Global Health, Medicine in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

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