Jillian Wuestenberg & Eric Wuestenberg Biography, Age, Suspects, Video

Jillian Wuestenberg & Eric Wuestenberg Biography, Age, Suspects, Viral Video, Assault Charged, Investigation, Witness,

Jillian Wuestenberg & Eric Wuestenberg Biography-Wiki

Jillian Wuestenberg and Eric Westinberg are facing charges of aggravated assault after an altercation in Orion Township, Michigan, in which a black woman and her daughters were shot. The incident took place on July 1 at around 6 am. It seems that both Facebook pages belonging to Jillian and Eric Westenberg have been deleted. There is a Pinterest page online for Jillian Westonberg. This page is located in Clarkston, Michigan. One of the articles on this page is a meme that reads, “Sometimes in life, until you learn your lesson, your situation keeps repeating itself.”

Eric Wuestenberg also deleted his Twitter account. In search of a conversation about his handle, he sees companies like Sam’s Club, McDonald’s and Sprint complaining. In July 2019, Eric Westenberg filed a lawsuit against a Michigan-based supermarket manager. A woman who was present when Eric and Jillian Westenberg had an argument told Heavy that the couple was unhappy with how much time they were taking at the checkout. The woman told Heavy via email that Eric Westenberg “started screaming for them to open more lanes and open the checkout himself.” The woman said Jillian Westenberg had “turned out his phone and was filming workers who were changing drawers, shouting at them.”

According to Westinburg’s LinkedIn page, he is volunteering for Michigan Republican Congressman Mike Bishop. Eric Westenberg, who served on the bishop’s Michigan Veterans Advisory Council, says on his page. Bishop served Michigan’s 8th Congressional District between 2015 & 2019. On his LinkedIn profile, Eric Westenberg says he started working at Auckland University in June 2017. In his bio, Eric Westenberg describes himself as an experienced veteran support services coordinator. History of working in the higher education industry.

He has also been a patron with Veterinary, an organization that helps members of the military community as they pursue careers outside of the armed services. He wrote on LinkedIn, “Veterans is an innovative consulting platform that does not make it easy to become a mentor and find teachers. Turning an experienced job search into an exciting journey. ”


Jillian Wuestenberg was 32 years old, & Eric Wuestenbergis 42 years old.


The prosecutor’s office later named the suspects after 32-year-old Jillian Wuestenberg and 42-year-old Eric Westinburg of Clarkston, Michigan. Detroit News had earlier reported that Jill Washington was taken into custody immediately after the incident.

Viral Video

In the video, Jill Wuestenberg can be heard talking to Taclia Hill and her daughter, 15-year-old Makila Green, “You can’t call people racist again.” Green’s aunt, McKay Smith, shared a widely shared version of the video, describing the video on her Twitter page as “another Karen.” This video version has been viewed more than 6 million times.

Makay Smith later wrote on his Twitter page that the woman in the video had been taken into custody. Smith later said the woman was “let go” but police confiscated her guns. McKay Smith added, “They said they can’t arrest him because my niece’s mother hit her car (with her hand) to stop her from killing her niece !!! Justice needs to be served. “It’s a white privilege,” Taklia Hill said in a recently deleted Facebook post about the incident. “So this is America. I’ve never fired a gun in my life when I left two and when Did not notice his three daughters. How helpless I am in my life, I am very shaken. ”

Assault Charged

Jillian and Eric Westinberg are facing charges of aggravated assault after an altercation in Orion Township, Michigan, in which a black woman and her daughters were shot. The incident took place on July 1 at around 6 am. Philip Lewis of the Huffington Post tweeted that Eric Westenberg had been fired from the University of Auckland following the allegations. Eric Westenberg’s profile has been removed from the school’s website. The cached version of this page shows that he previously worked as a school coordinator for experienced support services. Auckland University is located in Rochester, Michigan.

Eric Westberg’s name still appears on the roster of the Consortium of Michigan Veterans Educators. A statement from the University of Auckland by Detroit News stated: “We have seen the video and find it unacceptable. The employee has been notified that the university has terminated his employment. According to his LinkedIn profile, Eric Westenberg served as an armament system specialist in the US Air Force from 1995 to 2009. He is originally from Michigan and graduated from Wharton Mutt High School in Warren in 1995. After graduating from the Air Force, he studied business management and business administration at the University of North Texas, according to LinkedIn.


According to Auckland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard, the case was investigated by his office on July 2 and presented to the local prosecutor’s office. After the prosecution reviewed the investigation, both the driver and the passenger, a woman armed with a gun, were arrested and charged with aggravated assault. Bouchard said the charge carries a maximum sentence of four years in prison. According to Bouchard, the man and woman, who are husband and wife, have not been arrested, so he did not release their names. He is expected to be arrested on July 2, but is awaiting trial, he said.


The witness told Bhari that he had said something to the couple who was defending the employees. “The woman was completely irrational, screaming back,” the witness said. Witness

They both had their phones with photos & videos. So a supervisor came & offered to see them at the customer service desk. He kept screaming all the way to the service desk. In the end, they just stopped checking, if they were just waiting in line, they were saying they were calling the corporate, people were being fired, and so on. So I thought they would go online and post their video. Of course, he said this and tried to say that the employees were rude or whatever, but that was not true.

The witness added, “It’s crazy. They’re the same people. I saw this video yesterday. I’m sure there are a million stories in it that are a ****** complete for the people. Were extremely disrespectful to.

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