Jeana Keough Biography, Age, Career, Family, and Matt keough Death |

Jeana Keough Biography, Age, Career, Family, and Matt keough Death

Jeana Keough Biography-Wiki

Jeana Keough born 18 September 1955 is a USA TV personality. Thomasino graduated in 1972 from Vital High School in Gasfield, Wisconsin. When she was younger, she worked as a model and actress, one of the three most beautiful museums in the Tomasino ZZ top music videos Legs, The Man in Tight Clothes. And “All Your Lovin Gimme”. She was also Playboy Magazine’s Playmate of the Month in November 1980.

Thomasino is currently known as Gina Allen Q / Adeno Aqua / and is a real estate seller in Eliso Vejo, California. She is also a former cast member of the Orange County Real House Variety reality show.


Jeana Keough was Sixty Four years old.

Date of birth and birth place location

She was born in Eighteen September 1955 and her birth place location named Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.


Tomasino is divorced from her second husband, Matt Cu 1955 to 22020, the league’s second-generation major baseball player, pitcher for Auckland Athletics and special assistant to general manager of Auckland AK. The couple has 3 children: Shane, Kara & Colton. her eldest son, Shane, is a third-generation professional baseball player who signed with the Oakland Athletics Class A in June 2006 as a minor league outfielder. Kiev was released on July 2, 2010. Betty Cara married NFL player Kyle Bossworth.


Tomasino appeared in a number of movies & television shows in the mid-1980s. As an actress, she has been nicknamed Gianna Tomsina or Gina Kiev. Tomasino was Playboy Magazine’s Play of the Month in November 1980 In 1983, he appeared in Playboy Video Magazine, Volume 4. Published in.

Along with Daniel Arnaud and fellow Plymouth Kimberly Haren, Tomasino was one of three museums in the ZZ top music video “Legs”, The Man in Strong Clothes, Game All You Levine, Sleeping Bag.

As Gianna Kew, she is one of the cast members of The Real House View of Orange County, a reality show on the Bravo Cable Network. In the fifth season, she appeared as a regular cast member in three episodes. Since retiring as a full-time member, Kivo has appeared as a recurring cast member in season 6 & has had several guest appearances in subsequent seasons. Is. She was introduced to Jackie Warner as a client of the Bravo series.

Matt keough Death

Southern California died Friday at the age of sixty-four, one of five in the early ’80s and later in the front office. According to sources, the cause of death could not be ascertained.

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