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Daniel Prude Biography, Age, Cause of Death

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Daniel Prude, who had mental health problems, died after being “spit” out, with the aim of protecting officers from the saliva of detainees. The family told a news conference Wednesday that Purdue had a mental illness when his brother Joe called the Rochester Police Department on March 23. The video, provided by lawyers, shows officers handcuffed, naked, in the middle of an icy wet road, covered over his head.


Daniel Prude was 41 years old.

Police Officers Suspended Over  Prude’s Death

Seven police officers in Rochester, New York, involved in the March arrest of a Black man who was pinned to the ground and later died have been suspended, the city’s mayor announced.

“Mr. (Daniel) Prude lost his life in our city. He lost his life because of the actions of our police officers,” Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren said Thursday in a news conference.
The suspensions come a day after attorneys for Prude’s family released police bodycam video that shows officers covering the man’s head with a “spit sock” and holding him on the ground in a prone position before he stopped breathing.
Warren said some of the officers who were suspended appear on the body camera footage and others “had a duty to stop what was happening.” They are being suspended with pay “against the advice of council,” she said.

CNN has reached out to the Rochester Police Locust Club, the union representing the city officers, for comment about the suspensions.
The mayor told reporters on Thursday that she had been misled by the city’s police chief, who she said led her to believe the man died in police custody of an overdose. She saw the body camera footage for the first time nearly a month ago, Warren said.
Prude was failed by many officials before and during the March 23 incident, the mayor said. He would have been treated differently if he was White, she said.
“Institutional structural racism led to Daniel Prude’s death. I won’t deny it. I stand before it and I call for justice upon it,” Warren said.
Prude’s daughter, Tashyra Prude, is calling for the officers’ firing and wants them to be prosecuted over her father’s death.
“They should be arrested and tried as the killers that they are,” Tashyra Prude told CNN’s Erica Hill on Thursday.

The officers involved were not initially suspended and did not receive any disciplinary action. The union representing Rochester police officers had said in a statement to CNN that they have “concerns” about the incident and are working to gather more information.
Speaking at a press conference Wednesday, Joe Prude said police had killed a defenseless Black man and called his brother’s death “cold-blooded murder.” Elliot Shields, one of the Prude family lawyers, said attorneys are in the preliminary stages of filing a wrongful death suit.

Cause of Death

Daniel Prude , who had mental health issues, died after being put in a “spit hood”, which is meant to protect officers from detainees’ saliva. Announcing the suspension, Rochester’s mayor, Lovely Warren, said systemic racism led to the death.

Mr. Prude died in March but his death has only just been reported.

The 41-year-old died two months before George Floyd’s killing, which sparked national and international protests against racism and police brutality. His arrest also bore similarities to Mr. Floyd’s, as both were pinned to the ground by officers.

Mr. Prude’s brother, Joe, has said he called police on 23 March as Daniel was showing acute mental health problems. When officers arrived, he had been running naked through the streets in light snow.

Prude, 41, was having a mental health episode on March 23 when his brother Joe called the Rochester Police Department for help, the family said at a press conference Wednesday.
The video provided by attorneys shows officers handcuff Prude, who was naked, in the middle of a snowy wet street, and place a covering over his head.
Several minutes later, EMTs arrive and begin to perform chest compressions, the video shows. He is then placed on a gurney and into an ambulance.
When Prude arrived at the hospital, he was brain dead, his brother said. He died a week later.
His death was ruled a homicide by the Monroe County Medical examiner, according to a copy of the autopsy report obtained by lawyers for his family. The report cites complications of asphyxia in the setting of physical restraint as a finding. The report also cites excited delirium and acute PCP intoxication as causes of death.

Family members connected his March death — two months before George Floyd’s death in similar circumstances — to the movement pushing back against police violence toward Black people.
“How many more brothers got to die for society to understand that this needs to stop,” Joe Prude said. “And I can’t even share with y’all the pain that I’m feeling, and my family is going through as well.”
His death also raises questions about how police respond to someone in the midst of a mental health crisis. Police are often the first to respond to reports of a person acting erratically, and they occasionally use police tactics or force in their response. The Washington Post’s database of police shootings since 2015, for example, indicates that about 22% of those shot and killed by police reported signs of mental illness.
After the family’s press conference, protesters gathered outside the Public Safety Building in downtown Rochester, according to CNN affiliate WHAM.
Organizers from the group Free the People Roc, a Black Lives Matter group, named three officers they say were involved in the incident. CNN is working to confirm their identities and is not naming them at this time.
Family members are calling for the officers to be fired and arrested.

A warehouse worker and father-of-five, Mr. Prude had traveled by train from his home in Chicago to visit his brother when the events that led to the fatal encounter unfolded.

About eight hours before he was approached by police, Mr. Prude was taken to a hospital in Rochester for a mental health evaluation.

He was released into the care of his brother, but soon began to act erratically again and then ran into the street and took off his clothes.

His brother told police Daniel had accused him of wanting to kill him and dived down to his basement headfirst, according to the New York Times.

Mr. Prude’s aunt, Litoria Moore, told the Associated Press news agency her nephew had been hit hard by the deaths of his mother and two brothers over the years.

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