Ann Marie Pallan Biography, Age, Family, Married with Robert Trump

Ann Marie Pallan Biography, Age, Family, Married with Robert Trump, Children, Robert Trump Death

Ann Marie Pallan Biography-Wiki

Ann Marie Pallan is the wife of Robert Trump. Paulin is from Montauk, New York and currently lives in Garden City, New York, according to her Facebook profile. She is also a supporter of her sister-in-law and even helps promote a boat parade for fellow supporters of her upcoming run for a second term at the White House. According to the Times, Robert Trump ran the casino business for the Trump organization and was a senior executive. Page Six also reports that she worked as his secretary. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.


Ann Marie Pallan age is unknown.


According to Rural Intelligence, 100 years ago, She ancestors opened Brooklyn’s oldest Italian restaurant. According to organic Hudson Valley, Monte’s Venetian Room was opened in 1906 by Italian immigrant Angelo Montimarano & his wife, Flumina. Peach said the restaurant was formerly known as Angelo, but when his son, Naik, became the owner, it became Monte’s. When Nick Monte died in 2008, the restaurant closed, but reopened two years later in the possession of Dominic Castellitri and his wife, Tina Esposito, who are married to the Montemarano family.

She, a descendant of the Montemarano family, opened a second location called Monte’s Local Kitchen & Tap Room in Amenia, New York in 2014, Organic Hudson Valley stated. The restaurant also has a burger named after her late love, called the “RST All American” on their menu. The eight-ounce burger costs $17.50 and comes on a brioche bun with with cheese, lettuce, aioli, homemade pickles and truffle fries. The farm-to-table eatery also catered a Trump rally in April of this year in Poughkeepsie, New York, the New York Post reported.

Married with Robert Trump

According to Page Six, she and Trump got married in March 2020 after dating for 2020. This was the second round of walking down the aisle of the real estate executive. She was married to Bill Trump between 1984 and 2008. He had no children and no first wife. During her divorce proceedings, it was revealed that first Mrs. Trump found out that her husband had been having an affair with Paul. According to a 2009 page six article, he found out he was unfaithful when he found out he had bought his home on Long Island, New York, for 3. 7.3 million. The same article reveals that Trump met with Pliny at the Family Property Office in Brooklyn, New York.


Although she had no children with Trump, according to his Facebook account, Pliny has 2 children of her own: a son, a TJ and a daughter, Gina. She is also a grandmother because her daughter Gina has two children. Gina has a master’s degree in mental health advice and, according to her own Facebook page, is also the booker, accounts and back office manager for her mother, Aminia, for the Monte location in New York. TJ’s Facebook says he currently lives in Richmond, Virginia.

Robert Trump Death

Donald Trump’s younger brother, Robert, passed away the night of August 15 after falling ill due to an undisclosed illness, the New York Times reported. He died at New York Presbyterian Hospital. He was 71-years-old.

“It is with heavy heart I share that my wonderful brother, Robert, peacefully passed away tonight,” the president said in a statement according to the New York Post. “He was not just my brother, he was my best friend,” “He will be greatly missed, but we will meet again.”

Trump is not only survived by the president and their sisters Maryanne Trump Barry and Elizabeth Trump Grau, he also left behind his second wife, Ann Marie Pallan. Pallan is from Montauk, New York and currently resides in Garden City, New York according to her Facebook profile. She’s also a supporter of her brother-in-law and even helped promote a boat parade for fellow supporters of his upcoming run for a second term in the White House.

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